What is the action mechanism of Hawaiian Ingrown Serum in preventing hair ingrowth after waxing?

Our serum contains active ingredients such as d-panthenol and bamboo extract, which have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, preventing hair ingrowth and keeping the pores clean.

What are the benefits of using specialized oil before and after waxing?

Applying our oil before waxing provides additional skin protection and hydration, reducing pain sensations and facilitating hair removal. Post-waxing, the oil maintains skin moisture, nourishes the skin, and helps prevent hair regrowth, ensuring the skin remains smooth and well-conditioned.

How does Dragon Fruit Foaming Scrub enhance the waxing process?

This scrub effectively removes dead skin cells and cleanses the skin, which increases the efficiency of the waxing procedure and reduces the likelihood of inflammation.

Why is Hawaiian Exfoliating Scrub-Paste the preferred choice for bikini area care?

The fine particles of our sugar-based scrub provide gentle yet deep pore cleansing, which is particularly important for the sensitive skin in the bikini area.

How does Foli Pure Duo assist in treating post-inflammatory skin changes?

The combination of lotion and serum in Foli Pure Duo is aimed at intensive treatment of inflammatory processes, reducing redness, and accelerating skin recovery.

What is the role of the Vajacial mask in post-waxing care?

The Vajacial mask provides intensive soothing and restoration of the skin immediately after waxing, preventing bacterial proliferation and alleviating irritation.

What distinguishes Lava Wax from standard hair removal waxes?

Lava Wax combines natural ingredients with high efficacy in hair removal and skin care, offering a unique blend of papaya scent and the nourishing properties of macadamia oil and bamboo extract.

How does your brand ensure the preservation of your cosmetic products without relying on synthetic preservatives?

Our conservation approach for cosmetic products is rooted in the use of natural plant extracts, allowing us to eschew the synthetic preservatives prevalent in the industry. This method maintains the active properties of our products for up to a year, upholding our commitment to providing our clients with pure, natural skincare solutions.

What benefits do you offer to beauty salons interested in wholesale purchases of your depilation products?

Our offering to beauty salons includes favorable wholesale terms that facilitate profitable procurement. We emphasize the naturalness and superior quality of our products, enabling our partners to provide their clients with effective and safe skin care and hair removal procedures that meet the highest standards of the beauty industry.

Given that your production is located on the distant Hawaiian Islands, how quickly can we expect to receive your products?

Upon receiving an order, we strive to process it within the first 24 hours. The shipping time may vary depending on the volume of the order. For larger wholesale orders, fulfillment typically takes 7 to 10 business days. However, for smaller orders, such as a few bottles or similar quantities, we generally dispatch the products on the day of purchase, ensuring a swift delivery.

Why should I opt for your cosmetics over the expensive brands that have been on the market for a long time?

Unlike mass-market creams often overloaded with stabilizers and preservatives, our products are formulated for maximum efficacy. Each ingredient is carefully selected to address specific skin concerns, with a focus on active components that have proven effectiveness. Our cosmetics are preserved using natural extracts, ensuring product freshness for a year without synthetic additives. This approach allows us to offer professional and targeted skin care solutions.