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Herbal Wellness Hawaii

Hawaiian Exfoliating Scrub-Paste

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This Hawaiian exfoliating scrub-paste seems like a fantastic skincare product, especially for post-waxing care. The combination of natural ingredients like sugar cane, apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil, and jojoba seed oil, along with beneficial extracts like green coffee and calendula, makes it a nourishing choice. Here are the directions for its use:

1. Wait Time After Waxing: Allow your skin a rest period of at least 2-3 days post-waxing before starting the exfoliation process.
2. Skin Preparation: Before exfoliating, ensure your skin is well-hydrated. This helps in preventing any harsh effects on the skin.
3. Application Method: Apply the Hawaiian exfoliating scrub-paste evenly on the waxed areas. Use your fingers to gently massage the paste in circular motions. Continue this massage for approximately 2-3 minutes. This gentle motion helps in effectively removing dead skin cells without causing irritation.
4. Frequency of Use: For optimal results, repeat this exfoliation process three times a week. Consistent exfoliation is key as it aids in the proper growth of fine hairs and maintains skin health.
5. Post-Exfoliation Care: After exfoliating, it’s crucial to moisturize your skin. This helps in restoring hydration and provides a protective layer to the newly exfoliated skin.

Remember, regular exfoliation with this scrub-paste can significantly improve skin texture and prevent ingrown hairs, especially in areas where waxing is done frequently. The natural ingredients in the scrub also contribute to the overall health and appearance of your skin.